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  • FBT on Vans and Utes


    By Emma Gurr Doesn’t just the thought of having to pay fringe benefits tax on your Van or Ute sound outrageous! As some of you may be aware the ATO has recently defined it’s meaning of “minor, infrequent and irregular” private use. The ATO previously didn’t have a definition for this meaning so if your […]

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  • Brave new world of VCFO

    By Emma Gurr & Lejo Ouwendyk

    What is a VCFO? VCFO or Virtual Chief Financial Officer. I would describe this person as an adviser who can give you the peace of mind that all your finance needs are taken care of. A good VCFO is someone with a strong background in finance, accounting, tax and cashflow planning. A great VCFO is […]

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  • About Me


    My name is Lejo Owendyk, I am the MD of Kennerlys in Perth, together with my team, we act as trusted advisors for 500+ families across Australia. We advise and assist clients to grow stronger businesses, advise them how to protect their business, and act as a go-to team of professional advisors. This blog is about […]