It’s all about the Coffee

I was away on a strategic planning retreat recently with a group of like-minded CEOs. It was a great opportunity to review our short term planning for the firm against our aspirations for the next 10 years.

Think big and dream even bigger they say. I have the big dreams of where I want the firm to go but my challenge is to express it in a way that everyone in the firm gets on board and contributes to it and then the respective underlying strategies over time.

To date I often express our aspiration in trying to become the go-to team for our clients. This has been great as I also describe myself to clients as their go-to advisor. This go-to role is also often described as the ‘principal advisor’ role. I like to think clients can come to me with their goals and aspirations or issues with finance/tax and running their business. I can offer practical ideas, strategies or an introduction to a fellow professional for some specialist areas. There is a lot more that goes with our strategy like:

–          To always be agile in the changing market place around us,

–          To be integrated firm offering services across tax, accounting, business advisory, finance, investments, wealth creation, wealth protection and wealth distribution,

–          To engage with clients offering practical solutions,

–          To use technology to continuously innovate and improve our service delivery and internal processes.

But what does all this mean? How does it crystallize for our team the why and make a connection to both the team and clients alike that’s easy to remember, infuse and contribute to over time? So for our 10-year goal I’ve come up with “10,000 coffees”.

Why coffee…… What’s the connection?

For me meeting a client over a coffee is a great opportunity to talk about their own goals and aspirations, equally their challenges and issues. It’s from these meetings that we build and foster our client relationships. I believe that it is all about being there for clients, to make time to talk that will grow our business as preferred ‘principle advisors’.

10,000 coffees is a lot of coffee, but with the number of client meetings we have a week I am sure over the next 10 years we’ll get through 10,000.

What I like about 10,000 coffees, and now infusing into our team and amongst our culture, is that it’s easy to refer to and remind us of the most simplest emotional connection to our big blue dream. That connection I believe is listening to clients, building relationships, offering our value -add, discussing and solving challenges, getting to know our clients and their own goals and family aspirations.

I can’t wait now to get started on this and discuss it with everyone at the firm……. over coffee!

How are you progressing with your goals and big dreams? Or do you have too many challenges at this point to take time out? Either way it’s probably time to come in and catch up over coffee!


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