Coffee #56

In my last blog I explored why I’m looking forward to my next 10,000 coffees!

Capturing coffees as my aspiration to become a better Principal Adviser has proven a great talking point.

Coffee to me represents catching up with clients, being their to talk about their aspirations and devise strategies or discuss how to overcome issues and challenges.

Coffee is not the answer but it provides a great insight into our why.

Recently I had coffee number 56…who’s counting…

#56 has proven particularly important, not because it was with a team member who responded to the coffee with Lejo request within hours of my last blog going live, but because she has some great insights into our Firm’s aspirations. 

Emma who we’ll name #56 for confidential reasons is a great believer in my aspirations for the Firm. #56 is a firm believer in our role as Principal Adviser to our clients, not just as an accountant and tax adviser but as the trusted adviser of choice to lead all advisers on our clients’ financial journey.

Off now for coffee #72


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