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The extended Christmas break is a great chance to unplug and spend time with family and friends, have a trip away or just enjoy your own home and city. I used my recent break to unwind, catch up on some reading and (importantly) get engrossed in a Netflix series with my teenage daughters. However, this break from our busy working weeks is also an opportunity to check back on the year that’s been and set some goals for the years ahead.  So in between hanging out by the pool and relaxing with family, I have reflected on the past year, and started my strategic thinking and planning for the years ahead.

This was done with a coffee in hand……. something like coffee #960 to approximately coffee #975….and the new strategy for Kennerlys is starting to take shape with the help of those delicious brews.

I began with the challenge to think about the needs of our current clients. To think past the obvious need for tax and basic accounting support and onto what our clients ever-changing needs are now and likely to be in the future.

When thinking about our clients’ future challenges and their needs, I realized that one of the largest shifts for clients is going to come from the increasing globalisation of their industry, workforce and supply chain.

The more I have been thinking about this the more I see the need for clients in business to have a global outlook for their business and themselves, if they want to succeed in tomorrow’s market place. Globalisation is not a new idea, nor is it easy to implement, but it is becoming necessary for many of us who wish to run a successful and sustainable business into the future years.

To identify whether your business is already in a global marketplace, consider the following:

  1. Does your business have customers across international borders?
  2. Does your business use a global market to manufacture or supply (in part or full) your product or services?
  3. Does your business utilise cross-border support services?

From where I sit, I confess that I could only answer YES to one out of the three questions.

Over the past five years at Kennerlys we have been very good at adopting cloud-based software and management systems to assist with our delivery of services and bringing efficiencies to clients interacting with us. However, we don’t actively engage with clients to support them with cross border business activities and strategies and it’s this area that I want to develop so Kennerlys can assist its clients in a global business market.

Of course to be great advisers we need to practice what we preach, so I’ll be looking at how Kennerlys can make the most of global opportunities too.

With the speed of today’s technological advances for supply chains, communication and delivery channels to customers, it is now time to ensure your global strategy is put in place, clearly documented, planned and executed. And although your plan might change, I’m certain that once you begin your global journey with your business, you will not look back.

I’m looking forward now to workshopping and discussing this in depth with my team, and planning and adopting a global strategy that will enhance our offering and position us as our clients Principal Adviser. In building a Local to Global capability within our team I look forward to exploring a number of partnerships with overseas advisers with whom we can interact with our clients and assist them with their own Local to Global strategy.

I look forward to my next coffee and the exciting year ahead, and I wish you all the best with your 2018 too.


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