My A-Team

Whenever I speak with entrepreneurs and business people about the reason for their success, overwhelmingly they tell me the same thing.  According to them, the number one reason for a successful business is not the product offered, not the timing of starting the business, or the marketing.  Again and again they always tell me the key to their success is their team of people.  And I have to agree.  Hiring the right people and building an A-Team is crucial to the short and long term success of any business.  It’s certainly been the reason that Kennerlys has built such a solid reputation with its clients and it is the key to our success now and in the future.


Hiring the best

Building the Kennerlys A-Team meant hiring the best people I could.  This doesn’t happen overnight. Finding the best people for the Firm takes time. The right people are not just those who are at the pinnacle of their profession or necessarily those with the most amount of experience – I believe they are the ones with an unwavering dedication to our clients, are motivated to put in the hours, be strategic thinkers and always willing to learn and adapt to changes in the market and the workplace.  I want my team to also reap the rewards of their hard work and enjoy their personal success as well.


Kennerlys success

I feel if I can hire the best, Kennerlys will be the best and our clients, staff and the company all benefit from having an A-Team.  It might sound simple but if you hire “B” or “C” players, you’ll never build an A-Team and it’s a lot harder to be successful in the long term.


Look to the Future

When building the Kennerlys A-Team, I also have to consider that I’m not only hiring for what I currently need, but what I will need in the future.  So I must have a clear view of where Kennerlys is heading, a solid understanding of what my clients will need in the future and consider this when hiring the best people.  Perhaps someone has experience in an area that Kennerlys plans to move into in the near future?  I’ll stretch for who I want – that “A” person — rather than settle for who I can get.


When looking forward I also consider each team member.  I want them to set individual goals and I want to help them achieve those goals.  At Kennerlys we have a culture that develops people, nurturing our strengths and improving our weaker areas, mentoring junior staff, monitoring and providing feedback for each team member.  Above all, once I’ve hired the best person, I give them space to do their job.  When you give great people room to run, you will find they can fly!

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