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  • New Financial Year Message – 2017

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    While we have just farewelled a financial year instead of a calendar year, our new fiscal year conversely brings significant changes both in Australia and abroad. The nation’s new Government is still undecided after one of the closest election results in recent history, indicating a very polarised nation.  Regardless of which party eventually governs the […]

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  • WA For Sale

    WA for Sale better]

    Investment Slows The state government expects lower contracting and construction rates will deliver savings of more than $1 billion on its asset investment program over the next four years but has not committed to any major new infrastructure projects. Its asset investment program will be $5.9 billion in 2016-17 with transport projects accounting for nearly […]

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    My name is Lejo Owendyk, I am the MD of Kennerlys in Perth, together with my team, we act as trusted advisors for 500+ families across Australia. We advise and assist clients to grow stronger businesses, advise them how to protect their business, and act as a go-to team of professional advisors. This blog is about […]

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    Whenever I speak with entrepreneurs and business people about the reason for their success, overwhelmingly they tell me the same thing.  According to them, the number one reason for a successful business is not the product offered, not the timing of starting the business, or the marketing.  Again and again they always tell me the […]