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    Investment Slows The state government expects lower contracting and construction rates will deliver savings of more than $1 billion on its asset investment program over the next four years but has not committed to any major new infrastructure projects. Its asset investment program will be $5.9 billion in 2016-17 with transport projects accounting for nearly […]

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    My name is Lejo Owendyk, I am the MD of Kennerlys in Perth, together with my team, we act as trusted advisors for 500+ families across Australia. We advise and assist clients to grow stronger businesses, advise them how to protect their business, and act as a go-to team of professional advisors. This blog is about […]

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    Whenever I speak with entrepreneurs and business people about the reason for their success, overwhelmingly they tell me the same thing.  According to them, the number one reason for a successful business is not the product offered, not the timing of starting the business, or the marketing.  Again and again they always tell me the […]